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How Your Donations Help

e+Foundation is proud to support Teen With a Dream, a charitable organization created by one of our Cancer Care Center’s own customers, age 17, who spent 2003 fighting Hodgkin’s Lymphoma while receiving care at PET Imaging at ELMC. The organization he founded, Teen With a Dream, performs a wide array of services including providing care baskets to chemotherapy patients. He is developing plans to provide college scholarships, provide laptop computers at pediatric cancer centers, and increase access to PET/CT Imaging services in rural areas. The foundation was happy to be a Dream Table Sponsor at the “Evening of Dreams” held at the Denver Museum of Science and Nature.

“My biggest goal, after seeing your amazing centers and how they are handled, I would like to open a cancer center for children that is as amazing and caring as being a patient at one of your centers.

I would like to thank you for your support and your kindness. It will help make so many children with cancer live better and more comfortable. Thanks!”

- Team with a Dream Founder, Former Patient and Donation Recipient